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Home eyelashes extension beauty salon Burlington COUTURE EXTENSIONS SALON

Home eyelashes extension beauty salon Burlington COUTURE EXTENSIONS SALON


Lash Me Lovely


Full Set - $90 first-time customer promotion! (Regularly $199)

A full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions customised for you


Re-Lash - $45 first-time customer promotion! (Regularly $99)

Re-Lash within three weeks to keep your lashes looking their loveliest


Hybrid Full Set - $110

A blend of classic and volume lash extensions creating the perfect balance between natural and dramatic


Hybrid Re-Lash $55


Volume Full Set $130

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Volume Re-Lash $65

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Full Set + Re-Lash - $110 first-time customer promotion! (Regularly $298)

A full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions and Re-Lash within three weeks


About Our Salon

Hello Lovely,

You’ve found the right place.

A little about our salon …

Lash Me Lovely was designed to be 3 things:

  1. Comfortable – Because I want you to enjoy the lash application experience as much as your gorgeous new set of lashes. So instead of a regular spa table, we have oversized spa beds with six inch foam mattresses and memory foam pillows, as well as soothing music and aromatherapy – perfect for a two hour appointment.
  2. Affordable – Because let’s be real? Beauty costs but we all deserve to feel beautiful. Your win is my win. 
  3. Exceptional – Because lashes are not just what we do, it’s ALL we do. We are trained and certified lash technicians (artists) and we only use the highest quality lashes and adhesives that are all made in Canada. We are equipped with years of experience, an eye for detail and a passion for beauty.

I can’t wait to be a part of making you feel like your prettiest, loveliest self.

Jessica Danielle                                                                                                                                                                                         OWNER

Salon Hours

Tuesday – Friday
11 AM – 7 PM

Saturday – Sunday
11 AM – 5 PM


Business Details

Call or Text

Phone: 289-684-6467
Email: jessica@lashmelovely.ca

2465 Walkers Line, Burlington ON, L7M 4K4

Message Us

    Where to find us

    Jessica listens to what I want and always does a fantastic job on my lashes. I’ve been getting them done by her since before she had her new location because she’s the best.

    Sabrina L

    Great looking lashes that actually last! I’ll be coming back.

    Kaitlyn G

    The salon is really pretty and clean, staff is friendly and took the time to explain everything to me. It was my first “lash” experience and I felt very informed and taken care of. I love my lovely lashes!

    Paisley B

    Very comfortable sturdy beds good for larger ladies.  I was so relaxed that I fell asleep during my appointment and woke up to gorgeous lashes

    Lynn W

    flawless application, the extensions look and feel so natural

    Yasmin S

    Amazing customer service!!! I had an event to attend and forgot to book my lash appointment ahead of time. Even though there were no open appointments Jess accommodated me by opening early to do my lashes. I’m a customer for life!

    Naomi K

    Adorable place, sweet owner, great prices, amazing lashes.

    Sara C

    So happy to have a lash extension expert close to my home in north Burlington 🙂 Hate having to try and find parking downtown. Love that they don’t charge you more for a longer or fuller set.  Would recommend. 

    Jennifer G

    I was nervous about getting eyelash extensions because I’ve heard horror stories about allergic reactions, lashes stuck together, looking like spider eyes …. But I was in a wedding and wanted to look great in the photos. My friends recommended Lash Me Lovely.  The owner took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. I was really relieved to know that they only use medical grade glue made in Canada and the highest quality lashes. I have a lot of allergies and she even did an allergy test to make sure I wasn’t going to have any kind of reaction to the glue. My lashes look beautiful and the whole experience was relaxing and comfortable. Thank you for your patience with a newbie!

    Shelby N

    Jessica’s been doing my lashes forever – she’s amazing! Everyone always asks me who did my lashes because they are awesome. You’re welcome for the referrals Jess 😉

    Gillian O

    The location is so bright & pretty and the beds are really comfy. I love getting my lashes done and feeling so pampered lol.

    Wendy B

    Jessica-Danielle is a kind and talented person. Even my husband noticed my new lashes.

    Sahar R

    Very professional looking lashes that flattered my eyes and face. Clean and inviting salon. I travel from Stoney Creek for this quality of service.

    Alisha D

    My eyes look amazing these lashes make me look like a Kardashian yay!

    Ana K

    My lashes looked great when I first got them but after 4 weeks I only had around twenty left on each eye. I’m disappointed they didn’t last longer.

    Heather C

    I went on vacation and was swimming in the ocean every day, these lashes stayed on and looked great the whole time. Love, love, love my lashes and waking up pretty everyday!

    Madeline M

    Word of advice, if you want beautiful lashes come here! They are lash specialists and it shows. They do lashes all day. everyday. Believe me I know, I’ve had lash extensions done at hair salons and nail salons there is NO comparison. Lash Me Lovely is the best by far!!!!!!

    Priyanka S

    I was referred to LML by a friend. I came to get a fill for my lashes that I got at another “salon”. I had several bald spots on my lash line and some irritation from lashes poking me. Jessica explained to me that the lashes I had left were glued together in clumps and that some had shed but were still glued to the clump and poking my eyelid and irritating my eye. I didn’t realise that this was a problem and why I had bald spots.  I also had some crusting on my lashes. She removed the remaining lash extensions, cleansed my natural lashes and recommended I wait 6 weeks for my lashes to recover. After my lashes grew back, I came to LML to get my lashes done properly. OMG what a difference! My lashes looked positively gorgeous. Each lash had a single extension applied to it. NO lashes glued to each other, NO pulling, NO lashes going wild directions. Also, for the first time ever I was taught how to properly clean and maintain my lashes. You’re amazing Lash Me Lovely. Sincerely, Lauren

    Lauren H

    Client Reviews

    Did You Know?

    1) One size does not fit all – Individual eyelash extensions come in a number of lengths, curls and thicknesses. Everyone’s eyelashes are different and eyelash extensions should be customised to you – in order to best flatter your eye shape and to give you the look you desire.

    • 2) A full set of eyelash extensions are not just one length – This is because your natural lashes vary in length and the shape of your natural lash line is slightly rounded not straight .Talented and experienced lash artists know which lengths to put on specific lashes to achieve the most beautiful results.

    3) Natural eyelashes constantly grow and fall out – You loose on average between 1-5 natural eyelashes a day, so you will lose your eyelash extensions that are attached to these lashes too! Although eyelash extensions may last indefinitely, you will need regular re-lash appointments to maintain their full look, about every 3 weeks.

    • 4) You can wear mascara – The best part of having eyelash extensions is being able to ditch the mascara. However, if you choose, you can wear mascara sparingly provided that it is not waterproof, that it is an oil-free formula and that you remove it very gently with an oil free remover.

    • 5) Oils break down the adhesive – Avoid using oils or oil-based products on or around your eyes while wearing eyelash extensions.

    • 6) You can get them wet – Although you need to avoid wetting your lashes for the first 24 – 48 hours after application in order for the adhesive to fully set, wetting your lashes is okay and even helps to keep them clean.

    • 7) It is best to avoid saunas or hot yoga  – As the adhesive may re-activate in the heat & humidity and causing some lashes to stick together.

    8) Eyelash extensions do not cause any damage to your own natural eyelashes – Each eyelash extension is individually applied to a single natural eyelash and they will fall out as your natural lashes shed normally. With proper care and routine re-lash appointments you can have gorgeous eyelashes indefinitely.

    9) However … it is possible to damage your natural lashes through improper care – To prevent any damage to your own natural eyelashes you must not remove your own eyelash extensions. Resist the urge to pick, pull, twist or excessively touch your extensions, which can cause some of your natural eyelashes to fall out prematurely. Always see a professional for removal, who will use a remover specific to the adhesive used. Remember to keep your lashes clean by removing make-up and brushing your lashes daily.

    10) Long eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty and femininity – Enjoy your new look lovely!


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    Blog/August 26, 2017

    Did you know?

    1) One size does not fit all – Individual eyelash extensions come in a number of lengths, curls and thicknesses. Everyone’s eyelashes are different and eyelash extensions should be customised to you – in order to best flatter your eye shape and to give you the look you desire.

    • 2) A full set of eyelash extensions are not just one length – …

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